Do you think about gender on Twitter?
The organization Crossing Boarders launched Twee-Q, a thought-provoking, interactive self-assessment tool to measure equality on Twitter in Sweden in 2012 with major impact and wide spread across the globe. In 2013 Twee-Q was launched in the U.K together with author and activist Joan Smith. News media such as Daily Mail, Mashable, The Huffington post, The Telegraph, The Independent, BBC and many more featured Twee-Q and the tool reached even more people - in the U.K and in the rest of the world.

The process is simple: insert the Twitter handle you want analyzed (it can be your own or that of another person) and Twee-Q instantly tells you what proportion of that account’s recent retweets (made during the last 100 tweets) were of comments or opinions issued by men or by women. A 10 is the perfect Twee-Q. Dare you start with yourself?
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What is Twee-Q?
Twee-Q, or "Twitter Equality Quotient", is a simple score derived from how often you retweet men or women. It's an experiment in which we ask ourselves: is there a difference? And, in that case, why?
Why Twee-Q?
We want to change the world - by showing how each of us rank women's and men's contribution in a conversation. The ranking will be measurable and we base our experiment on the world's largest ongoing conversation - Twitter.
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